About 当社について


RACE creates unique cosmetic products for women and young girls.
From planning to manufacturing, we provide our knowledge and experience throughout the whole process of product making.
We also provide OEM products manufacturing services for small amount orders.
Please feel free to contact us for any kind of order.


 1.ユニークな製品 A unique product


Unique Products
RACE’s products, ranging from professional use to children's cosmetic products, all include uniqueness in design. We specialize in cute, lovely, and pop cosmetic products developments.

 2.徹底した品質管理 Thorough quality control


Strict Quality Control
RACE cosmetic products are all manufactured under the supervision of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, strictly inspected and accordingly to the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law. We are committed to provide safety through our carefully selected ingredients. We give extra attention to our kids’ cosmetic series and toy products quality control based on the Food Sanitation Law.

 3.OEM柔軟なOEM対応 Flexible


Flexible OEM correspondence
From worldly famous brand character products to original custom made small amount orders, RACE offers a wide range of OEM products. From planning to manufacturing, we hear and materialize your requests with precision, care, and flexibility, in order to meet the needs of each one of our customers.